View Tube Art: Sparked 2011-12

Inspired by the public art pieces in the London 2012 Olympic Park, Sparked is an eight-month educational exhibition series as part of the View Tube Art Education programme, from October 2011-May 2012.

The View Tube sits on The Greenway in East London, next to the London 2012 Olympic Park, it is a community arts and education venue, with a cafe and bike hire.

Sparked is funded by The Legacy List, a new charity established to support the long term cultural, social and physical regeneration of London’s future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its surroundings.

Sparked is supported by Bow Arts
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Some of the seed cards and seed garden matchboxes created by those who took part in Sparked’s first family day on Saturday 3 December.  The artists, Riitta Ikonen and Tomas Klassnik, plus the volunteers helping out were kept busy all day with a constant stream of families taking advantage of the free art workshops on offer.  Many asked for more sessions to be available at View Tube, lucky for them, and you, we’ve got two more Family Days coming up in 2012!

Don’t forget, before you head to the View Tube, you can download the activity sheet here, which accompanies the current Sparked exhibition, with Tomas Klassnik and Riitta Ikonen.

Once you’ve completed the form, come here and check your answers in the featured post in the blogs right column. Take a photo, or scan your photos and email them to so we can put them in our online gallery. Don’t forget to put your name, age and postcode in the email!

Extract from activity sheet

Extract from activity sheet

Listen to Tomas Klassnik and Riitta Ikonen talk about their Sparked exhibition and the Fantasticology project that inspired it.

Don’t forget the Sparked Family Day this Saturday 3 December at View Tube, 10am-3pm. Free art workshops, a Christmas Market, object handling with Museum of London Docklands and all the usual View Tube activities.

The installation for the Klassnik/Ikonen Sparked exhibition at View Tube, opening on November 25th, has begun.

Our new flyer for the first Sparked exhibition with Tomas Klassnik and Riitta Ikonen, which opens on 25 November 2011.

Riitta Ikonen and assistant finishing the weaving element of the ‘biological drawing device’ for the upcoming Sparked exhibition.

Exhibition runs from 25 Nov 2011 - 22 Jan 2012 at The View Tube.

Riitta Ikonen and assistant working in her studio on the ‘biological drawing device’ for the first Sparked exhibition.

The exhibition runs from 25 Nov 2011 - 22 Jan 2012 at The View Tube.

Tomas Klassnik working on the design for the first Sparked exhibition at View Tube.

Tantalising photo sent through by Tomas from the Klassnik Corporation regarding the exhibition they’re planning as part of Sparked.  Meeting today to find out more!

Photos from our first meeting at the View Tube today with Riitta Ikonen and Tomas Klassnik from The Klassnik Corporation about their upcoming exhibition as part of the Sparked series.  Their artwork in the park Fantasticology, will inspire the exhibition and accompanying educational material and family day.  Fantasticology is a joint venture with The Klassnik Corporation, Riitta Ikonen and We Made That.

The ‘Fantastic-Archaeology’ wildflower meadows act as a floral celebration of the industrial heritage of the Olympic Park site.  Fantasticology recreates the footprints of industrial buildings which previously occupied the location through patterns of coloured plantings.  You can read more about their project here.